How Your Dreams Help You Evolve

Dreams follow a logical sequence that is different from the sequence followed by our thoughts. The dream logic is based on God’s wisdom and sanctity, and not on the assumptions of our absurd, evil, and ignorant conscience.

All nightmares and bad dreams reflect the absurdity and the evilness that is threatening our conscience, with the intention to help us understand how to protect our mental stability.

Today we know that we are idiotic primitive primates that think like demons because we have a satanic anti-conscience and our conscience is underdeveloped. Therefore, we can understand why God talks about the dangers that are threatening our mental health in almost all dreams.

Today we know facts that the human race ignored during many years:

* We are unable to cure mental illnesses based on our intelligence because we are too absurd, evil, and ignorant. This is why we depend on God’s guidance in dreams.

* We never will evolve by chance. If we won’t obey the divine guidance we won’t evolve even after billions of years.

Many people believe that we need the military, the police, and prisons until humanity will evolve, but if we will keep being violent and indifferent, humanity will never find peace.

We have to organize our world based on God’s wisdom. Our solutions are violent, insensitive, and unfair, and they generate numerous other problems.

* We have to change our focus. Instead of focusing on our lives on earth, we should first focus on our lives after death.

These conclusions are very different from the concepts imposed by the materialistic modern civilization. This happens because they are based on the information given by God in dream messages.

Thanks to Carl Jung’s discoveries and my discoveries while I was precisely obeying the divine guidance in my dreams, today you know that you don’t live in order to be happy.

You live in order to be transformed into a true human being, so that you may be able to attain sanctity. You have to have the behavior of a saint in order to be really mentally healthy and avoid going to hell after death.

Your evil nature transforms you into a monster, and this is why you have to be punished. You have to become a perfect human being during your life in order to go to heaven after death, instead of being punished.

This knowledge is hard to be comprehended and accepted in a crazy world where violence, selfishness, immorality, and greed prevail. Nobody believes in God, nobody cares about what happens to our spirit when we die, and nobody wants to pay attention to their mental health and correct their behavior.

We are living in an elementary historical time, even though we are so impressed with our scientific and technological progress. The new generations will consider the modern civilization one of the most ridiculous civilizations of our history.

There are so many horrors in our world that we should be afraid of our insanity instead of being proud of our accomplishments.

You have to be able to understand that your historical time is like the Middle Ages in many ways. This is hard to be accepted, but you have to open your mind. With all the enthusiasm you see around you because we have computers, cell phones, electricity, and so many things that make our lives much better than our ancestors’ lives you tend to believe that your historical time is superior.

However, this is a misleading impression. Humanity didn’t evolve. Our world is controlled by powerful corporations that care only about making money. There is no democracy in a world of corruptions and hypocrisy.

Those who have the basic conditions to make money become insatiable consumers because they are manipulated by the commercial world, while there is still poverty on earth. Many people are starving, or hardly managing to survive.

Our indifference to poverty proves that we are satanic creatures.

Many other shocking truths prove this fact. Terrorism, wars, and numerous crimes are part of the routine in our reality.

You have to surpass the mindset of your absurd historical time and pay attention to the information you have in your dreams now that God’s symbolic language was clearly translated because I completed Carl Jung’s research.

You have this advantage, even though you are in a tragic situation. You have to become really human by obeying the divine guidance in a world of betrayers.

You are lucky because you can clearly understand God’s guidance in your dreams, but you have to be a hero among many monsters.

You must prefer to precisely obey the divine guidance in your dreams instead of trusting false human beings who merely pretend to be human, and instead of trusting your own judgment. The sad scientific discovery of the existence of a satanic conscience in the human brain must make you completely change your attitude.

You have to understand that God knows what is right and wrong, and respect His decisions. The decisions of your ignorant and deficient mind cannot be trusted.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

Opting for a Natural Solution to Address Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorders are characterized by fear, anxiety, and mental disturbance. Such a disorder may also result in physical symptoms like shakiness or a racing heart. If you are suffering from anxiety disorder, there are usually two options to address the issue. You can either resort to traditional medical treatment or choose to follow alternative natural solutions available. Let us know more about anxiety disorders.

Basic Reasons for Anxiety Disorder

In most cases, anxiety results from the stressful modern life. The entire world is running at hectic speed and this leaves most people exhausted and drained physically and mentally at the end of the day. Such anxieties also emanate from non-fulfillment of desires and failure of expectations. The result is stress, anxiety, and depression following each other in rapid succession. These situations could be the result of family problems, social disturbance, workplace issues, or financial stringencies or any such matter that has an impact on one’s day to day live living and well-being.

Downsides of Traditional Treatment

Most of the traditional treatments for depression and anxieties are based on medications and drugs. These drugs usually create a tranquilizing effect on the patient. Some even go to sleep due to use of medicines. For the time being, a patient may get relief from the stressed feelings and somber moods they are in. Unfortunately, these medications and drugs might have serious after effects. They may adversely affect health conditions. The patient also runs the risk of falling prey to drug addiction. Slowly but steadily, anxiety patients get into the habit of using tranquilizers drugs to get rid of immediate depressed feelings, but over a period of time, a lot of patients become blind to the dangers of drug addiction.

To get rid of the anxiety disorder, people have to look out elsewhere than the traditional drug and medication based treatments. There are some natural methods that are known as alternative treatments and they help in stress management.

These solutions help the patients to dispense with the use of harmful drugs and medications.

Things to know About Natural Solutions

Natural solutions for stress and anxiety related issues are often preferred as they generally do not have any side effects that allopathic medicines have. However, it is advisable to consult your doctor before resorting to any such method.

Since natural treatments take a longer time to show its results, you need to be patient enough to wait for the desired results.

The best natural solution for stress management is a balanced diet, healthy lifestyle, adequate rest and physical exercises. A couple of popular natural solutions for anxiety disorder are herbal supplements and yoga exercises. The most important reason for preferring natural solutions is that they help the patient live a healthy life, eliminating the stress factors.

The Safest and Holistic Way to Control Anxiety –

Supragya Plus is a herbal nerve tonic that aids in resolving any nerves related problem like ion, lack of confidence, sleeplessness, etc. This tonic has been into use since years and has showed positive effects in all people who consumed it regularly. It keeps you happy and cheerful without the fear of any side effects. Devoid of any chemical composition, Supragya Plus is a must try for everyone for a healthy mental state.

Pay Kids to Eat Veggies? Junk Science!

“Science Says You Should Pay Your Kids to Eat Their Veggies” is the headline of an article in the September 10, 2015, issue of the New York Post (see link to article below).

This so-called scholarly scientific study actually recommends that if you want your kids to eat more fruits and vegetables, you gotta show them the money! What a bunch of crap. Nothing but junk science.

So these researchers conducted an experiment in six Utah elementary schools, offering one group of several hundred students cash prizes and another group of several hundred other students praise by teachers for eating fruits and veggies. A third group of children got no incentives at all (the poor things [sarcasm]). So, of course, fruit and vegetable consumption was significantly higher in the group of students who got cash rewards. Noooo… what a shock! They called this “cash prizes” program FOOD DUDES, which used role modeling, repeat tasting and rewards for eating fruits and veggies.

I couldn’t disagree more with this concept IN ITS ENTIRETY. In the first place, know how I would have done this? How ’bout instead of calling a program Food Dudes, calling it Food: Fat or Fit, and just show kids two pictures: a slim kid and a fat kid, and the insides of both. The slim kid, instead of internal organs, can shows pictures of fruits, vegetables (lean meat, whole grains, etc.); and the fat kid’s insides can show nothing but crap. Now THAT is a visual that kids of all ages will understand… and they will understand very clearly that what they put in their mouths has an effect on whether they will be fat or fit.

I especially disagreed with the point made by one of the researchers that in addition to cash prizes for eating fruits and veggies, “The children still need strategies for managing healthy eating choices outside the cafeteria and when the rewards stop.”

Wrong. Sorry folks, but young children don’t know from ‘strategies’ other than how they can get out of going to school or doing their homework, and kids don’t ‘manage’ anything: Parents do. Barring extraordinary circumstances of course (allergies, illness, psychological issues), poor eating habits and childhood obesity are products of adult behavior. Let me repeat that: Poor eating habits and fat kids are a result of adult behavior. Parents need to create the right environment at home and in the kitchen, follow the examples they want to set for their children as relates to a healthy eating (and fitness) lifestyle, and that’s the environment in which their kids will grow. Period.

There are thousands of different vegetables in the world. Do we all like all of them? Of course not, and neither will our kids. But, try new vegetables all the time until you identify the ones they will enjoy, or the ones they will tolerate. You’re the parent. You set the ground rules.

In our house, as our now-teenage daughter was growing up, and using dinner as the example, there was a nightly menu with two choices: Column A = you eat. Column B = you starve. Very simple. Was there compromise? Yes. But we set the ground rules. We always had two vegetables on the table (and sometimes one of those vegetables was one that my husband and I didn’t like, but we forced ourselves to eat some at that meal and pretended we enjoyed it!). She had to choose at least one, and eventually, as she grew, she still disliked some vegetables, but she tolerated others more and more, and now has a well-rounded array of veggies that she likes, some more than others. We did the same thing with the various fruits we kept in the house.

I’m not a psychologist, but I don’t need to be one to know the difference between teaching a kid right from wrong, and the importance of their being guided, with structure and discipline, towards any actions and behaviors they need to take NOT because they’re getting a reward or a prize, but ONLY because those actions will give them results of growing into healthy and happy, physically, mentally, and socially, teens and young adults.

Giving a ‘reward’ to kids for eating something is like giving a treat to a dog for bringing the ball back. Kids aren’t pets.

IBS and Artificial Sweeteners

Are you experiencing frequent bouts of intestinal distress ranging from diarrhea to intrusive intestinal symptoms? Is bloating, gas, flatulence, pain and sour stomach an every day occurrence? This cycle of intestinal issues may temporarily respond to anti-diarrhea medications or antacids but somehow continues to plague the sufferer. Diet alterations may temporarily provide some relief but one often finds it difficult to pinpoint the cause or the cure.

Finally, by process of elimination, one is able to uncover the true culprit of the gastrointestinal distress and actually do something to bring about permanent relief. The offending substances, lurking in every day foods and substances are called sugar alcohols and they are often liberally used on a daily basis.

This group of artificial sweeteners are not only hidden in products we consume on a daily basis but trigger a host of gastrointestinal symptoms for anyone prone to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and for some who have never experienced gastrointestinal reactions before in their lives.

The names these sugar alcohols go under are as follows:


These sweeteners initially come from plant products but are altered through a chemical process and are hidden in the ingredients of the following products and substances:

Breath Mints
Cough Formulas
Ice Cream
Fruit Spreads
Baked Goods
Dietetic Products
Sugar-Free Products
Pre-Workout Drinks and Supplements
Sports Nutrition Products
Low Carb Products

Side Effects of Sugar Alcohols

Stomach Cramps
Stomach Pain
Sour Stomach
Blood Sugar Fluctuations

The reason behind this gastrointestinal difficulty is mainly because Sugar Alcohols are not completely absorbed by the body. They are indigestible and passed through the digestive system, resulting in fermentation in the intestines. Fermentation results in gas, cramping, bloating and gastrointestinal distress. Warnings are often found on products containing these sugar alcohols stating “Excess Consumption may Result in a Laxative Effect.” Naturally, this is not a preferable option for anyone dealing with the normal functions of every day living.

Even for those who are not IBS sufferers, over consumption of these products may trigger abdominal discomfort, spanning from cramps to diarrhea. Dehydration may also be a risk factor if the laxative effect is strong. Stomach pains, gas and bloating are intrusive but simply eradicated when one recognizes the offending substance as listed on the label and immediately discontinue usage of such products containing these substances.

Since these sugar alcohols are highly indigestible, the best defense against gastrointestinal disturbances related to the use of these products is the following:

– Immediately discontinuation of any product containing any one of the artificial sweeteners.
– Opt for more natural products.
– Choose whole foods over processed and refined products.
– Check out labels on all products that are sweet or low sugar.
– Choose natural sugar over artificial. Opt for smaller portions.

In closing, it is up to you to be aware of the ingredients found in the products you select. Investigate whenever you experience gastrointestinal distress.

Is it after you brush your teeth or use mouthwash?

Is it shortly after using a specific product?
Is it while chewing gum or using a cough formula or breath mint?

Avoid sugar-free and low carb items. Substitute these products and substances with a more natural choice. Shop the peripheral of the your market for the natural foods and products (produce, meats, fish, dairy). The foods you choose supply your mind and body with energy. Food is the fuel that maintains healthy functioning and results in feeling well. Choose the cleanest and most natural products to achieve the healthiest mind and body possible. It is always a choice. Choose good health and maintain a healthy mind and body, free of intrusive symptoms.